280W 9A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter

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Input 5-32V DC Output 1.2-28V DC.
Buck Converter – Output c
an be less than or equal to input voltage

Adjustable constant voltage
Adjustable constant current

Max power 280W
Max current 9A, whichever is lower.

I’ve tested for one hour with 12V 4.83A in (58W), 8.5V 6.1A out (51W) giving 88% efficiency.  Temperature stabilises at 60 degrees C.
There’s a power LED that shows blue with no load and red when current is drawing. 

Basic short circuit protection through CC
NO Reverse input protection

To setup,

  1. Put a multi-meter across the output in DC Volts mode
  2. Locate the CC pot (constant current) top right when looking with the pots at the top
  3. Wind the CC pot fully clockwise till you hear a click each turn to prevent current limiting
  4. Locate the CV pot (constant voltage) top left
  5. Adjust the voltage required with the CV pot – clockwise goes higher
  6. If the output voltage is the same as the input voltage and doesn’t change, keep turning CV anti-clockwise till it drops.
I sell a combined voltage and current meter which makes setup very easy.

Max current is 9A, but prolonged use up to 8A, depending on airflow/enclosure.

I see Ripple at 18mV RMS and 330mV p-p at 187kHz when drawing 10W.

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