Boost Buck 8A LTC3780 DC-DC Power Module

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A higher power module with extra features like constant current, under voltage protection and cutoff control in a low profile unit.

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5-32V DC In
1-30V DC Out
Max rated output power 80W output current 8A
Short circuit protection
Constant Voltage (CV) setting controls output voltage
Constant Current (CC) setting limits the output current, and can be used for charging batteries
Input Under-Voltage Threshold (UV) setting will turn off power if the input voltage falls below a set value
The input voltage threshold is useful if you’re powering this unit from a battery.  As your input voltage drops, your input current will raise to maintain the power required.  Setting the input voltage threshold will prevent the unit damaging your input battery by draining it when it’s at a low state of charge.  Great for camper vans and the like.

There is no hysteresis unfortunately.  However, soldering a 1M resistor between pins 5 & 7 of the LM358 give around 0.5V of hysteresis.
15A fuse on the input protecting the device and your attached items.
Inductor is mounted flat giving the unit a low profile
Mounting holes on each corner
To setup for basic power conversion
1. wind the CC fully clockwise many times so there’s no current limit
2. wind the UV fully anti-clockwise many times so the under voltage limit is a low voltage
3. adjust the CV for the output voltage required.
To set the input threshold
1. wind the UV clockwise till the red FAULT light comes on and the green OK
light goes out
2. back off till the red FAULT light goes out.
So for example, if you’re supplying 12V, and you wind up to fault, then back down to it going out, your threshold will be around 11V.  This is easiest with a voltmeter, and even easier and more accurate if you can use a variable input voltage supply with a display (see my other listings 🙂 )
12V 5A 60W output, the heatsinks stabilise around 60 Deg C
12V 2.5A 30W output, I measure ripple at 200mV P2P 90KHz

The oscilloscope is 10x Attentuation at AC 20mV / div 20uSec / dev

Here’s some technical info on this board.

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