Boost Buck with LCD Display

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Nice workhorse unit with excellent power capabilities for the size.

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Nice workhorse unit with excellent power capabilities for the size.  Temperature output is low at around 28° after 10 minutes running at 20W.
LCD Displays Input or Output Voltage, and Current Drawn or Power Drawn.  Surprisingly accurate.
Input voltage range is 5.5V DC to 30V DC, output can go through 1V to 30V.   Buck or Boost so input can be higher, lower or equal to the output voltage.
Reversed input protection, and short output protection.
You can set the unit to start up with the output off or on by default.
The two pots control output voltage and constant current limiting.  A red led lights shows when current limiting is in force.
I measure noise on 12V 1.1A at around 200mV p-p at 110KHz
I use one to power my S-100 Bus Computer 8V rail
If you want to enclose this in a project, I sell one without the LCD Display for a couple of quid less.  See my other listings.

To set it up

  1. Peel the protective tape of the heat transfer pad on the bottom of the heatsink and press it into place between the input and output terminals as shown in the first photo.
  2. Attach input power.  (Attach output when you have the voltage correctly set.)
  3. Click the left button so the LCD reads OUT.
  4. Click the right button so the green power light is on.
  5. Adjust the right hand pot labelled CV to adjust the voltage.
  6. The left hand pot adjusts the current cutoff. Best to wind it max clockwise to start, and wind it back if you need current limiting when you’ve got the voltage set.

Long press the left button to switch between Watts and Amps.

Long press the right button to switch between powering up with the output ON or OFF.

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