TINY Micro USB Adjustable Boost Converter Step Up Power Supply 2A 2-28V Out

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Teeny weeny boost module that can put out 2A at an adjustable voltage.  Really useful item.
Input voltage range is 2V DC to 24V DC, output can go to 28V and must be equal or higher than the input voltage.
Input from micro-USB or soldered wires gives you additional flexibility for its use.
3.7V in at 2A gives 12V 0.45A out, too hot to touch
3.7V in at 1A gives 12V 0.24A out warm to touch
31mm x 18mm x 7mm high
Altogether, a great little power device.  Sent same day from Surrey.  I try and catch the same day post ( 4pm collection )

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Dimensions 3.1 × 1.7 × 0.7 cm

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