LED Voltmeter


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Self-Powered Voltage Meter (for voltages <= 30V) consuming <= 23mA

Put this before or after any of my DC-DC power supplies (or both!) to get a reading of Voltage.
Especially useful for the LTC3780
The meter can be parasitically powered from the input voltage (if it stays above 4.5V)
Black wire to ground
Red Wire to meter supply
White wire to voltage to be measured.
Join white and red to parasite the power from the measured voltage.
Nice bright red LEDs give a crystal clear readout.  Pics from above show colour a bit washed out.
2 significant places shown when below 10V
Designed to clip into a rectangular hole 46mm x 27mm.  Case is 20mm deep.  Wires bend easily.
Choose between 1st or 2nd class Royal Mail delivery.  My support is first class.  Happy to answer any questions pre or post-sale, promptly and courteously.
Beware Chinese clone companies saying they’re UK based.  Delivery is slow, their feedback is poor.

Additional information

LED Colour

Blue, Red, Green

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