Panel Mounted Buck Boost With Nice Controls


A simple to operate buck-boost power-module with a nice LCD display and controls that can be mounted in a panel with many protection features

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A simple to operate buck-boost power-module with a nice LCD display and controls that can be mounted in a panel with many protection features
Maintains a constant voltage or current while the input voltage fluctuates.
Generates voltages above or below the input voltage


Makes a great low-cost general purpose power supply for electronics development and STEM.
Charging batteries
Any general power supply functions that need something that looks tidy and not fiddly to operate


Connect wires with DC voltage to the Vin+/- screw terminals and wires from Vout+/- to your load
Adjust the output voltage required and the output current limit and press the ON/OFF button to toggle the output power
Detailed operating instructions are included with the power module.  All settings are remembered when powered off.


Constant Voltage and Constant Current modes
Input voltage between 5V  – 30V DC
Output voltage 0.6V – 30V DC
Quiescent current driving LCD and backlight 20 mA
Max Input current 5.75A@12V
Max Output current 4.2A Max
Max power 51W (must be above 8V input)
Protection includes

  • Reverse input connection
  • Output Short circuit
  • Output current backflow
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Input overcurrent protection
  • Output Power Protection
  • Input Undervoltage protection
  • Output anti-reverse

Configurable protection options to set max power, under voltage etc.


5V Out 4A draw 12V In 2.3A (73% eff) was 50 degC after 10 mins
Display shows input voltage or output Voltage along with output Amp, Watts, Ah, Wh and time running.
Clicking the knob in activcates Voltage adjustment, Holding for a second, switches to current adjustment, leaving for 2 seconds returns to normal operation.
To use as a battery charger, set the CC to your max charge current, and the CV to your float voltage.  When the current falls below the CC setting, it will charge at the CV voltage.
Holding down the knob for 5 seconds cycles to activate settings, the cycle between them as below with a click.  5 second press to exit settings

  1. Input undervoltage disconnection
  2. Output overvoltage protection
  3. Output current protection
  4. Output power protection
  5. Output Amp Hours disconnect
  6. Output Power Hours disconnect
  7. Output Timer disconnect


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Adjustable automatic buck-boost power supply module constant voltage and constant current liquid crystal with shell solar charging


Product Highlights:

1. The numerical control adjusts the voltage and current, which is convenient and fast, industrial quality, high precision, and can be directly used in engineering projects;

2. Using professional power LCD, clear interface, minimalist operation, and almost perfect protection mechanism;

3. Hardware protection: input end anti-reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not burn; output end short circuit protection, short circuit will not burn; output end anti-backflow, no need to add an anti-backflow diode when charging the battery;

4. Software protection: over voltage protection (OTP), over current protection (OCP), over power protection (OPP), over temperature protection (OTP), input under voltage protection (LVP);

5. The default adjustment voltage or constant current value can be set, which can be quickly adjusted in various applications;

6. The voltage and current can be locked to prevent misoperation!

7. Full of materials, stable performance and wide range of uses.


1. Product parameters:

Input voltage: DC5.0V-30V (under 4.7V has under-voltage protection LVP, it is recommended to use the input voltage higher than 7V, when the input voltage is lower than 7V, the output power will be reduced, the lower the input voltage, the lower the output power)

Output voltage: DC0.6V-30V

Output current: 0-4.0A

Output power: 35W under natural cooling, 50W under air cooling

Voltage accuracy: ±0.5%+1 word, resolution: 0.01V, factory calibrated accuracy

Current accuracy: ±0.8%+3 words, resolution: 0.001A, factory calibrated accuracy

Conversion efficiency: about 88%

Soft start: yes

Input reverse connection protection: yes, reverse connection will not burn

Anti-backflow at the output: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery

Output short-circuit protection: Yes, the output terminal can be directly short-circuited

Temperature Protection (OTP): Yes, 100℃

Working frequency: 180KHZ

After setting it to CC, the constant current value is adjusted by default. When driving the LED, fast dimming can be achieved by rotating the encoder, which is very convenient!


2. Instructions for setting interface operation:

2.1. Press and hold the rotary encoder button for 3 seconds to enter the setting interface;

2.2. Adjust the size of parameters by rotating the encoder potentiometer, support rapid rotation (rapid increase/decrease), short press the rotary potentiometer button to switch the parameters to be adjusted;

2.3. In the maximum capacity (OAH)/maximum energy (OPH)/maximum operating time (OHP) interface, short press the “ON/OFF” button to select the corresponding function on or off, if it is off, it will display “—- “;

2.4. In the maximum capacity (OAH)/maximum energy (OPH) parameter interface, long press the “ON/OFF” button to select the capacity range (9.999Ah/99.99Ah/999.9Ah/9999Ah, 9.999Wh/99.99Wh/999.9Wh/9999Wh );

2.5. After the parameter setting is completed, press and hold the encoder potentiometer button for 3 seconds to exit the setting interface, and the setting parameters are automatically saved;

Note: After the product is protected, the output will be turned off, and the LCD will display the corresponding protection code (LVP/OVP/OCP/OPP/OAH/OPH/OHP). The power chip itself also has various protections. If the chip itself is protected, then Display OEP.


3. This product has a locking function:

Press and hold the encoder potentiometer button for 5 seconds to lock the set voltage and current to prevent misoperation! After locking, press and hold the coding potentiometer button for 5 seconds to unlock!


4. How to use the product:

4.1. Use as an ordinary buck-boost power supply with overvoltage/overcurrent/overpower/overtemperature/undervoltage protection;

(1) Set the voltage value.

(2) Set the constant current value (overcurrent protection value); (For example, if the constant current value is set to 3.00A, then the maximum current when you use the product can only reach 3A, and the LCD will display “CC” when the current reaches 3A status, otherwise the LCD displays “CV” status)

4.2. Use as a battery charger

Products without constant current function cannot be used to charge the battery. Due to the large voltage difference between the exhausted battery and the charger, the charging current is too large and the battery is damaged. Therefore, the battery should be used constant current at the beginning. When the charging reaches a certain level, it automatically switches back to constant voltage charging.

(1) Determine the floating charging voltage and charging current of the rechargeable battery you need; (if the lithium battery parameter is 3.7V/2200mAh, then the floating charging voltage is 4.2V, if it is a 12V rechargeable battery, generally set the floating charging voltage to 14V or so) (2) Under no-load conditions, set the voltage value to make the output voltage reach the floating voltage; (if charging a 3.7V lithium battery, adjust the output voltage to 4.2V) (3) Under no-load conditions, Set the constant current value (charging current of the battery); (4) Connect the battery and charge.

4.3. Used as LED constant current driver

(1) Determine the working current and maximum working voltage you need to drive the LED;

(2) Under no-load conditions, set the voltage value and current value to make the output voltage reach the maximum working voltage and working current of the LED;

(3) Connect the LED and test the machine.

This product can realize the stepless dimming of LEDs without stroboscopic by adjusting the constant current value (between 0 and working current)! !


5. Function details

5.1 Capacity/Energy/Runtime Statistics:

Statistics will start automatically after the power is turned on (ON), the value of the previous state will be displayed after the power is turned off (OFF), and the recording will automatically restart after the power is turned on (ON) again; on the corresponding interface, long press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to The corresponding data is automatically cleared.

5.2 Set max capacity/max energy/max run time

5.2.1. Set the maximum capacity (OAH)/energy (OPH): when the OAH/OPH function is activated, when the statistical capacity/energy is higher than the set maximum capacity/energy, the power supply will automatically turn off the output and flash “OAH” /’OPH’; After the alarm is cleared, the capacity/energy statistics are automatically cleared;

5.2.2. Set the maximum discharge time (OHP): When the OHP function is activated, when the power supply running time is greater than the set maximum discharge time, the power supply automatically turns off the output, and flashes “OHP”; after the OHP alarm is removed, the time is automatically cleared Statistical data;

This function can well realize quantitative/timed power supply.


Note: When the OAP/OPH and OHP functions are not turned on, the power supply will automatically record the capacity/energy and running time. After turning on the OAH/OPH and OHP functions, the power supply will automatically turn off the output when the set value is reached; after turning on the OHP function, the power supply The runtime is in countdown mode;


6. Notes:

6.1. It is forbidden to short-circuit the input VIN- of the module with the output OUT-, otherwise the constant current function will fail.

6.2. Please ensure that the power of the power supply is always greater than the power required by the output load!

6.3. If the module wants to output at full load, the input voltage should be more than 8V. When the input voltage is 5V, the output power is about 15W; the maximum current value of the module is 4A, which is limited by the maximum output power. For example, if the output is 18V, the current should not be greater than 2A. .

6.4. The module has input under-voltage protection function, the default is about 4.7V, when it is lower than this value, it will automatically disconnect the output, when the voltage is higher than 4.7V, it will automatically restore the output (Note: 4.7V is the voltage at the product port , when the input current is relatively large, do not ignore the voltage divider on the input wire).

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