Dual Output Variable PSU DC-DC 20W Positive Negative Step Up Down Boost Buck

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This versatile, amazing dual output (1 positive, 1 negative, same voltage) adjustable power supply can convert from any input voltage between 3.6 to 30V DC and output matching positive and negative from +/- 3V to +/- 30V DC whether the input is at a higher or lower voltage.

I used it successfully to power an S-100 bus card requiring +16V and -16V from a +8V source.

Quote from a satisfied customer – “Thanks for the +/-v psu. I’d just finished a headphone amplifier which required a +/- 12v supply. … Then of cause I came across this buck/boost psu which works a treat. Whats more it fitted in the amplifier box… Job done and sounds great.”

Two examples of current use
1. In 5V 2.25A Out +/- 12V 0.31A
2. In 12V 1.72A Out +/- 5V 1.2A

When adjusting the voltage downwards with no load applied, the -ve will maintain the higher voltage.  Power off and short -ve out to gnd and power on and you should see the correct voltage.
I’ve measured ripple at approximately 200kHz at 200mV peak to peak when driving 12V at 300mA.
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Specifications from the manufacturers website

Input voltage 3.6~30V,output ±3~±30V adjustable
Maximum output power: 20W 
Conversion efficiency :69-88%
Quiescent current: 3mA
20W DC-DC Boost-Buck Converter working frequency 180KHZ. 
Operating ambient temperature : -40~+85 Degrees Celsius
Size : 60 x 34 x 15mm
Weight :  33g
High efficiency up to 88%
Built in Frequency Compensation
Built in Soft-Start Function
Built in Thermal Shutdown Function
Built in Current Limit Function
1 In order to obtain a more stable voltage, it is recommended that the output is greater than 15mA
2  V- cannot be used alone, or no voltage output.But you can just use V+ 
3 The startup current of the module is 2.5-3 times the operating current.

Additional information

Weight 0.033 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3.4 × 1.5 cm

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